News Update

November 2003- North Face Software begins shipping LAGGER2003 CLAIMS

Lagger2003-CLAIMS is a GIS based Land Management system. The software comes complete with a powerful database engine and reporting tools. The software development was co-sponsered by Wallbridge Mining of Sudbury Ontario, Redstar Gold Corporation of Vancouver and North Face Software.

November 2003- North Face Software begins shipping LAGGER2003 QAQC

Lagger2003-QAQC is a Quality Control and Quality Assurance program designed for field Geologists. The software provides simple tools for analyzing, tracking and graphing all types of geochemical data. The software designed was co-sponsered by Bema Gold of Vancouver BC and North Face Software.

May 2003- Kennecott Canada Exploration purchase Lagger2002

Kennecott Canada, a worlds leader in mineral exploration and mining, purchases Lagger2002 software for core logging on North American Programs.

February 2003, North Face Software hires additional programming staff

To keep pace with increasing consumer demands, North Face Software has hired 4 additional full and part time programmers. Programmers will be responsible for continuing development of Lagger2002 and adding new programs to our portfolio.

Jan 2002 - North Face Software begins shipping the Beta version of Lagger2002

Lagger2002 is being shipped as a free upgrade to all registered users of Lagger2001. Several new features have been added including new drill log printing functions, enhanced dictionaries and several bug fixes.

November 2001 - Hudson Bay Mining & Exploration purchases Lagger2001

North Face Software held a short course and training session in Flin Flon Manitoba for Hudson Bay Mining & Exploration. As a result of this course and training, Hudson Bay has decided to purchase Lagger2001 for all of it's exploration drilling in 2002. We will be working very closely with Hudson Bay and implementing many new modules into Lagger2001 in the months to come.

October 2001 - North Face Software launches a new website

Our new website was launched October 1, 2001. We have added several new features which will be implemented in the year 2002. Some of these features are:

July 2001 - Homestake purchases Lagger2001

Homestake Canada purchases Lagger2001 software for exploration in British Columbia. We are pleased to welcome Homestake and wish them well in their 2001 drill program. As a result of Homestake's interest in Lagger2001, North Face Software has added a new "Assay Import" module to the software to import analytical data files into a drill hole database. This new program will allow the user to easily import multiple analytical files regardless of the data field order and number into a single database file. This will greatly reduce the amount of time users are spending on importing assays as well as increase the accuracy of the assay database.

April 2001

"Guess the Grade" contest results!
Thank you for participating in our software contest at the PDAC 2001 and Roundup 2001:
The final results.... Fish = 35lbs, Silver sample = 2110 oz/t

{short description of image}

And the winner is....

Richard L. Moore
Director, Exploration Technical Support

Falconbridge Limited.

Richard had the best overall guess of 35lbs for the fish and 2000 oz/t for the rock sample,
and will receive a free copy of Lagger2001 software. Well done!

January 2001

North Face Software introduces Lagger2001 as the next generation of Geological Software, some features include:

Economic Geology Lab/ Logging Seminar at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver B.C

In September 2000, North Face Software Ltd. was invited to Simon Fraser University to give a seminar on Geological Software and Drill Core logging. Students participated in logging exercises and created cross sections of drill hole data.


April 3, 1999 - University of Toronto - Marine Geology Research Lab purchases GSS2000.

The department will be using the software for industry sponsored projects and student research. North Face Software Ltd's GSS2000 software was chosen by the University over other programs for it's educational value and user friendly interface. North Face Software will continue to work closely with the faculty and students at the University to ensure that they are receiving top quality software at reasonable prices.

March 30, 1999 - GF consult in Belgium, purchases GSS2000 for Government Sponsored research projects

GF consult, a consulting firm in Belgium, will be using GSS2000 for Belgian/Finnish government sponsored research projects.

September 15, 1998 - Laurentian University purchases Geological Software:

Laurentian University will be using North Face Software's Geological Software Suite 2000 for industry sponsored and research projects. The Mineral Deposit Research Council at Laurentian has decided that this software is best suited for the detailed geological investigations conducted by the university.

Visit Laurentian University's website for more information.