"Unlocking the power of Geological Databases"



Geological databases are the backbone of any successful exploration/ mining operation. Learn how to unlock the power of Geological Databases and add value to your existing and new projects. Our state of the art techniques will help you to develop and improve valuable skills which will help you and your company gain a competitive advantage in the next millenium.

This course will provide you with:

Part I: Database Management

Learn the basics of database management and how a successful database management system can improve efficiency and save money. This part of the course will provide you with valuable insight into everyday database applications with emphasis on database design and implementation.

Part II: Geological Database Management Techniques

This part of the course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you will need to utilize geological data in modern-day database applications. The participants will learn how to efficiently manage and manipulate geological data and maximize the information collected in the field. This section will also cover the basic skills required in creating cross sections and maps for everyday use.

Emphasis will be placed on practical examples, and applications which can be used directly in the field with very little training.

Part III: The Year 2000

The year 2000 is quickly approaching and with it the Year 2000 (y2k) problem. This section of the course will provide you with valuable information about the y2k and how it will affect your ability to conduct business in the y2k.

North Face Software Ltd and it's partners have spent the last two years compiling information about the y2k and how it will affect computer hardware and software. In addition, we have spent considerable time dealing with the problems facing geological data in the y2k. The following are some of the topics covered in this section:

Part IV: Practical examples

The afternoon session will involve showing practical examples using real data. All participants will learn how to easily enter, manipulate and plot different types of geological data. We encourage you to bring in your own data.

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